Da Vinci Medallion


Purpose of the Program

The Executive Board utilizes the da Vinci Medallion Awards Program to recognize individual or corporate members of the Redstone Chapter who have made significant and enduring contributions toward advancing the goals of the American Helicopter Society.  In any manner the Board deems appropriately outstanding, nominees shall have contributed to the global vertical flight enterprise by supporting the current needs of the vertical flight community; promoting engineering excellence in traditional rotorcraft platform disciplines; working to expand this focus to the multidisciplinary fields of vertical flight and related support industries; or advocating the future technology requirements for vertical flight.  The basis for the award can be a single outstanding achievement or the cumulative result of an exceptional career in industry, academia, government, or the military.  The award highlights distinguished service and signifies that the recipient exemplifies the venerable heritage, uncompromising professional values, and ambitious spirit of the vertical flight community.

Criteria for Award:

   a.    Membership in AHS.  Are or have been a member in good standing of AHS for a minimum of three years.  

   b.    Outstanding Achievement.  Can be a single outstanding achievement or the result of an outstanding career in government, academia, industry, or the military that furthered the goals and ideals of our Society.  Single achievements can be in any of the four membership areas of our Chapter such as an innovation in industry that improves productability or performance, an advance in the field of vertical lift research, or an act of outstanding service in government or the military.  Careers can recognized in any of the four membership areas, such as an outstanding professor or researcher, industry leaders such as technical directors, engineers, and engineering support contractors, and government and military leaders with long careers of service in the vertical flight area.

Levels of Award.

 The Medallion is awarded at three levels.  The levels are determined by the distinction and longevity of the individual’s career or the significance of the single outstanding achievement.

    • Medallion [white ribbon]

    • Medallion with Distinction [red ribbon]

    • Medallion with Highest Distinction [blue ribbon]

Selection Process

 A 100 word nomination should be submitted to the Redstone Chapter Board with recommended level of distinction using the nomination form.  The Board may waive any of the criteria for an outstanding deserving candidate.  The award must be approved by a majority of the board via written secret ballot.  


By awarding the da Vinci Medallion, the Redstone Chapter recognizes the significant and enduring contributions of a Redstone Chapter member toward advancing the goals of the American Helicopter Society.  Comprised of Distinguished Members of the Military, Government, Industry, and Academia, the Redstone Chapter Board is uniquely qualified to assess this individual’s achievements.  The Medallion signifies that the recipient exemplifies the highest ideals, aspirations, and accomplishments of the vertical flight community.  From now into perpetuity, this individual will be regarded with distinctive respect and special honor commensurate with award of the Medallion and induction into the Redstone Chapter’s da Vinci Medallion Hall of Fame.



DaVinci Medallion Nomination Form